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Welcome To

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This is the home of Strangetoons Studios / David M. Strandquest

2D Animator / Director / Multi Media Artist / Designer / Musician


Dave's Demo History

The movies below are David's demo reels from over the years, starting with his newest 2011 reel

representing his most current work. All the musical pieces on Dave's demos were preformed & recorded by Dave at Strangetoons Studios.


2011 Demo Reel

This reel represents Dave's work after the dominance of

Flash as the 2D animation tool

My original music © 2011"Trippin' in the Graveyard"



2005 Demo Reel

Before Flash - Mostly work from my 7 years at Primal Screen

My Original Music © 2011 "Soul Wave"

1995 Demo Reel

Demo reel from my 7 years at Crawford Design EFX

With my cover of "Wipe Out"


Design EFX Character Animation Demo Open

Boards/Layout/Animation/Music by Dave Strandquest



Strangetoons Fun Links

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